Who is CFRA

The Cape Fear River Assembly (CFRA) represents the views of diverse stakeholders from the entire Cape Fear River watershed.  We designed this website to serve as a convenient and accurate source of information about the Cape Fear River.  We hope you will find what you need to understand, appreciate and enjoy our precious Cape Fear River system.


The Mission of the Cape Fear River Assembly

Provide for the highest quality of life possible for the residents of the Cape Fear River basin, through the proper management of the Cape Fear River, its tributaries, and adjacent land uses.

Our mission will be accomplished through education, monitoring and advocacy.   We believe that scientific research, including socioeconomic analyses provides the information needed to make the best possible decisions regarding our river system and its uses.  We strive to work with and support the many public and private organizations who share our mission.

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Education helps to ensure wise stewardship of our natural resources.  We believe that more informed decisions will lead to improved stewardship of the river system as a shared resource.   This includes understanding of natural systems and ways in which human actions impact these systems.  We hope this website will serve as an important resource to ensure proper stewardship for future generations.

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boats on jordan lake

The Cape Fear River has historically been a lifeblood of southeastern North Carolina. Over the years, people have sought to use the river for recreation and other purposes. As the largest and most developed river basin in the state, we need to make sure the various land and water uses are compatible. This website will provide you with details on the many wonderful recreational opportunities that are available throughout the Cape Fear River watershed.

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Dr. Tom Hoban, Executive Director of the Cape Fear River Assembly is available to give a presentation to any group in the watershed. Click the link below to view his presentations, as well as others from our recent annual meeting.

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