Forum Public Involvement

During each of the Forums mechanisms were set up to involve the public.  We wanted to get their comments about the following three topics:  The Problem is … and We Want … so the Cape Fear River Assembly Should …  People attending each Forum were encouraged to use post-it notes to add their comments about each of these three topics to a flip chart.

The four graphics on this page show how the questions were asked and the results from each of the sub-basins.  Facilitation and analysis were done by Mike Schlegel (aka “Muddy”) of the Whiteboard Academy (see end of page for more information about his innovative work.)  More analysis will be coming in the near future.











The above graphics were produced by Mike Schlegel (aka “Muddy”) from the Whiteboard Academy.  He was also responsible for coordinating the public involvement process and compiling the results for the above graphics.



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