Forum Keynote Presentations

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Photo by Janet Gray

At each of the three forums one expert was invited to give a presentation on a topic related to their expertise that would have particular relevance to the people of each sub-basin.  Dr. Tom Hoban gave the same presentation at each of the forums Here are the papers.  Click on the title to see the whole presentation.  For more information you can contact the presenter by writing to their e-mail address.

Upper Sub-Basin:

“Impacts of Urbanization on Water Resources” by James A. Vose, USDA Forest Service. E-Mail = jvose@fs.fed.usda

Middle Sub-Basin:

“Hurricane Matthew: Re-building a sustainable community to diminish runoff tomorrow”  by Gisselle Rodriguez, PE, CFM. City of Fayetteville, E-Mail =

Lower Sub-Basin:

“Update on Occurrence of PFAS’s in the Wilmington Area and the Effectiveness of Home Filters.” by Detlef Knappe, North Carolina State University.  E-Mail =

Presented at each of the Forums:

“Cape Fear River Assembly and Stakeholder Survey.” by Tom Hoban, Cape Fear River Assembly. E-mail =

Raven Rock (4)

Photo By Tom Hoban


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