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Help Shape the Future of the Cape Fear River

The Cape Fear River Assembly (CFRA) recently held the first of our annual Cape Fear River Forums.  Regardless of whether you call the Deep River, the Haw or the Cape Fear River your watershed home, they are all part of the same Cape Fear River Basin.  The forums were held on the following date and locations:

  • Tuesday, September 26th in Elon University
  • Wednesday, September 27th in Fayetteville State University
  • Thursday, September 28th in UNC-Wilmington

Cape Fear Basin Map

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Citizen and local government awareness, interest, and concern are critical and increasing.  The Cape Fear River and its tributaries are our main source of drinking water and industry water.  Continuing growth and competing demands for water use across the basin make it more important than ever to hear from a broad cross section of citizens, scientists and leaders!

These forums were intended to spark a basin-wide discussion and learn about the Cape Fear River and key subbasin (upper, middle and lower) issues and solutions.  What future do you envision for the Cape Fear River?  Several opportunities were given for participants to share their insights, including an on-site videographer and facilitated activities recording local community voices and reactions to topics presented.

Topics discussed included stormwater management, agriculture, recreation, fish migration, water pollution threats, green growth, land use, riparian buffers, Jordan Lake, and more!


Help demonstrate the value of collaboration across the basin, get and contribute ideas, engage with others, tell your story and network with those working to protect the Cape Fear River!